useful utensils for small galleys and kitchens

On our sailboat, I have one small divided drawer for knives and useful utensils. My utensils need to be galley-worthy. When not aboard our boat, we live in a floating home, so space is always a consideration. I have picked a few of my favorite useful utensils that make the cut.

I use a collapsible silicone strainer which folds up and fits in a cupboard behind my pots and pans. It hangs over the sink when in use and serves me well for straining pasta or rinsing vegetables. Collapsible bowls are clever space savers too.

Fresh citrus zest adds necessary punch to so many dishes that a mini zester gets tucked in the drawer as well as my slicing mandolin that lays flat.

Electrical appliances are impractical onboard, but the immersion blender has become my go-to appliance in my float home kitchen. This little tool performs multiple tasks. It can puree soups in minutes, and whip cream or process sauces in its mini food processing bowl attachment. Goodbye to my hand mixer and large food processor when I can use this useful utensil.

A narrow spatula fits so well in a small drawer, and does most jobs just as well as a larger version. I often gift this utensil because it such a handy kitchen too that is well used.

My top pick is the julienne peeler. This handy peeler with fine serrated teeth shreds vegetables into thin elegant ribbons. I use it on carrots, cucumbers, and zucchini for texture in salads, spring rolls,  and soup garnishes. It takes very little space in the utensil drawer.

Lastly, a sturdy waiter’s cork screw with the double-step hinge is dependable and compact. I own a bright color which seems to help keep it from walking away at dock parties.

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    Melinda Larson
    November 23, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Thanks Carol! These items are the perfect Christmas gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law.
    I already purchased the San Juan Island Tray for Lindsey and the kitchen utensils will complete her package!

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