the cozy sweater

The cozy sweater cocktail in a glass snifter with Earl Grey tea brewing and a bottle of amaretto behind, as well as a lemon bar on the side.

While searching for a cocktail that would use amaretto as an ingredient, I stumbled upon the cozy sweater recipe. Just the name alone was intriguing enough to give it a try. I’m crediting a placed called the 1833 Bar and Grill with the idea, but its hard to imagine a two ingredient drink as much of a secret. Add a splash of amaretto to your cup of Earl Grey tea and position your comfortable chair near the fire. Oh, don’t forget to add a lemon bar or anise + almond biscotti to your tray along with your favorite read.

the cozy sweater

Serves: 1


  • 8 ounce cup of brewed Earl Grey tea
  • 1 shot of amaretto



Pour 8 ounces of very hot water into a mug or clear glass cup and brew a serving of Earl Grey tea.



Pour 1 shot of amaretto into the hot tea.

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