lighthouse picnic

Picnics are meals with adventures attached. My recipe for a memorable picnic would require a secluded location; a perch above a sweeping view, a paddle to explore a desolate lighthouse or nestle beside a driftwood log with warm sand sifting through my toes. The journey to get there would be half of the fun. Throw in a beach blanket and some containers of seasonally fresh foods.

How about a lunch with no utensils necessary? Tear off a chunk of baguette and load it up with local cheese and salami. Bite into a slice of juicy watermelon or vine ripened berries. Small containers filled with crunchy pickles, salty olives or sweet and spicy trail mix keep it simple. Maybe you thought to bring a corkscrew?

I’ll pack up a hearty dinner salad to make a simple one dish meal. Assemble your ingredients in a container with a tight fitting lid, dressing in a jar with a twist on top and you can toss it on location. Divvy up squares of a rich dark chocolate bar to end a perfectly a contented evening. Don’t forget a flashlight in case you lose track of time.



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